DEEPIKA BHOOLABHAI #director #teacher

La Dee té un ric rerefons cultural que fa d'ella una persona extraordinària i creativa per ser la fundadora i directora de l'escola Tea or Coffee. Aquesta sud-africana amb arrels índies ve d'una carrera diversa: fent els seus primers pasos com a dissenyadora, després com a directora de programes de televisió i finalment convertint-se en professora i venint a viure a Barcelona./p>

Va obrir Tea or Coffee el 2013 amb la visió de revolucionar la manera en què els estudiants de Barcelona aprenessin i utilitzessin l'anglès. Amb més de set anys d'experiència prèvia en l'ensenyament, va agafar la seva passió per l'educació i va crear una escola nova amb classes amenes, professors dinàmics, i un ambient còmode per complir les necessitats dels alumnes i millorar per tant els seu resultats.


Suzy is our Director of Studies and teacher of adults and teenagers. She grew up on a farm in rural England and has a great passion for languages and teaching. Since completing the CELTA in Seville, she has spent the past 6 years teaching a variety of learners in Spain, the UK, Italy and France. She recently proudly finished the DELTA which allowed her to develop hugely as a teacher. She is dedicated to delivering engaging, dynamic lessons which empower her students to do their very best and communicate naturally. She loves the freedom for creativity at Tea or Coffee, as well as our amazing students who always have interesting stories to tell and opinions to give. In her DoS role she also provides training for the Tea or Coffee team in order to make us the best we can be!


Natural de Rubí, a sólo 50 minutos de Barcelona, Olga es una de las primeras caras que verás al llegar a Tea or Coffee y ayuda a que todo marche bien. Tiene unos orígenes académicos ricos, con estudios de gestión del arte contemporáneo, el Certificate in Advanced English, y cuatro años de experiencia en el campo de la educación. Olga personifica y aboga por un entorno positivo, que hace que los estudiantes se sientan motivados, implicados, y con ganas de seguir aprendiendo.


Arzzita is originally from Lincolnshire, England, and lived in Canada and London before moving to Barcelona 4 years ago. She likes to add humour to her classes and wants her students to feel comfortable and at ease, creating an open learning atmosphere. She is a creative teacher, working hard to keep her classes interesting and interactive for students. She studied Film at university and loves using it in the classroom to introduce new ideas and open discussions and debates between students while helping them with useful language and expressions in English. She enjoys the age range and varied backgrounds of the students at Tea or Coffee and feels that she learns a lot from them!


Clóda is from a small town in Ireland and after completing her degree in French and Spanish moved to Barcelona in September. She jumped straight into her CELTA and in October began working with at Tea or Coffee. She has previously taught English in Summer Camps in Italy as well as spending a summer working in Disneyland.  She enjoys working with young children and likes her classes to be fun and personal. She enjoys getting to know her students and using their interests to make the learning experience more memorable. Clóda loves the open atmosphere at Tea or Coffee and enjoys the focus on speaking the school provides. 


Gina is originally from city called Utrecht (The Netherlands), where she studied Film Studies, Philosophy, Education and Art History. As you can see, she did a little bit of everything! Gina loves to incorporate a variety of topics into her teaching, and she tries to introduce different ideas, interesting debates and new materials in each class. She is convinced that learning English can be plenty of fun, and she aims to show this to every student - no matter their level, age, background and motivation!


Ilse is originally from Hasselt, Belgium, but lived and studied in South Africa and Ireland. She obtained the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English in Galway and her TESOL Certification is from the Australia-Vietnam School of English. Ilse previously taught English in Germany and Vietnam, and recently moved to Barcelona. She wanted to work for a school that’s both fun and professional as well as passionate about teaching. As a former social worker, Ilse is a very approachable and patient person who creates a safe learning environment for her students and makes them feel at ease. It is important to her that the students enjoy the English classes and are excited to learn a new language.


Jenny was born and raised in Northern Ireland in a little town just outside Belfast. She has a PGCE in English language and literature and has taught English as a foreign language in the UK and Vietnam. She believes that a positive and engaging atmosphere in a classroom is crucial to enable students to develop their confidence and encourage them to challenge themselves at all times. She loves watching her students grow and progress and that her job allows her to experience living in beautiful places and experience vibrant cultures. She's excited to continue developing her career and passion for teaching at Tea or Coffee.


Kat is a new teacher who is thrilled to be working with the Tea or Coffee English team. She spent most of her childhood in an ecovillage in the North of Scotland. She attended various different schools with contrasting educational philosophies and alternative approaches, such as Steiner schooling, lending to her alternative and creative views on the process of learning. She has been living in Spain for four years now, two of which were spent teaching English as a foreign language, and has recently obtained her CELTA at Oxford House. Kat likes her classes to be as engaging and dynamic as possible, as she believes that enjoying the process of learning is the key to success.  


Kate is originally from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and has recently moved to Barcelona. She likes to create fun, humorous but also interesting lessons, and wants her students to feel completely at ease in class. She is creative and passionate about the English language. Kate studied English Literature at University, up to Masters level. She enjoys incorporating contemporary issues into lessons and enjoys allowing students the opportunity to have real-life discussions which will benefit them outside of the classroom. She likes working with all age groups, from small children to adults, and finds that this variation keeps her learning as a teacher.


Kathryn is a new teacher from the United States. She completed her CELTA certificate at International House in Barcelona where she thoroughly enjoyed learning teaching techniques from top professionals in English Education. Kathryn has worked with young children for many years; first as a summer camp manager and then as an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan. Her teaching style is well-structured and enthusiastic, and she loves watching her students achieve their personal goals. She firmly believes that making mistakes is essential to language learning. She really appreciates the relaxed classroom environment and the excellent teacher support at Tea or Coffee.


Katie was born and grew up in Oxford, and studied French at the University of Kent. She did a CELTA course in Oxford in 2014, and has been teaching since then, working in academies with young learners, teenagers, adults and in-company classes. She is a big fan of is games in the class, which she believes helps students lose any inhibitions they might have about speaking English and promotes a good learning atmosphere. She likes the small classes at Tea or Coffee which enable her to really get to know her students and their needs. Her students leave the class feeling like they have achieved something, whether big or small! She is also a big fan of writing and creating her own material which she hopes to start a blog with to help other TEFL teachers.


Mai is originally from San Francisco, California. She took her TEFL course in Barcelona in November, 2018. She was able to experience and get acquainted to the language, people, food, culture, and made some friends along the way. She is new to teaching but does have some childcare experience along with tutoring/working with kids. While giving classes, she likes to make the kids feel comfortable and excited to learn. She can also speak English, Arabic, and Spanish. Mai enjoys working at Tea or Coffee because everyone is very helpful and also she likes the variety in working with a range of different age groups.