DEEPIKA BHOOLABHAI #director #teacher

La Dee té un ric rerefons cultural que fa d'ella una persona extraordinària i creativa per ser la fundadora i directora de l'escola Tea or Coffee. Aquesta sud-africana amb arrels índies ve d'una carrera diversa: fent els seus primers pasos com a dissenyadora, després com a directora de programes de televisió i finalment convertint-se en professora i venint a viure a Barcelona./p>

Va obrir Tea or Coffee el 2013 amb la visió de revolucionar la manera en què els estudiants de Barcelona aprenessin i utilitzessin l'anglès. Amb més de set anys d'experiència prèvia en l'ensenyament, va agafar la seva passió per l'educació i va crear una escola nova amb classes amenes, professors dinàmics, i un ambient còmode per complir les necessitats dels alumnes i millorar per tant els seu resultats.


Suzy is our Director of Studies and teacher of adults and teenagers. She grew up on a farm in rural England and has a great passion for languages and teaching. Since completing the CELTA in Seville, she has spent the past 6 years teaching a variety of learners in Spain, the UK, Italy and France. She recently proudly finished the DELTA which allowed her to develop hugely as a teacher. She is dedicated to delivering engaging, dynamic lessons which empower her students to do their very best and communicate naturally. She loves the freedom for creativity at Tea or Coffee, as well as our amazing students who always have interesting stories to tell and opinions to give. In her DoS role she also provides training for the Tea or Coffee team in order to make us the best we can be!


Natural de Rubí, a sólo 50 minutos de Barcelona, Olga es una de las primeras caras que verás al llegar a Tea or Coffee y ayuda a que todo marche bien. Tiene unos orígenes académicos ricos, con estudios de gestión del arte contemporáneo, el Certificate in Advanced English, y cuatro años de experiencia en el campo de la educación. Olga personifica y aboga por un entorno positivo, que hace que los estudiantes se sientan motivados, implicados, y con ganas de seguir aprendiendo.


Kat has been with us for a year, and loves being part of the Tea or Coffee team. She spent most of her childhood in an ecovillage in the North of Scotland. She attended various different schools with contrasting educational philosophies and alternative approaches, such as Steiner schooling, lending to her alternative and creative views on the process of learning. She has been living in Spain for four years now, two of which were spent teaching English as a foreign language, and has recently obtained her CELTA at Oxford House. Kat likes her classes to be as engaging and dynamic as possible, as she believes that enjoying the process of learning is the key to success.  


Kathryn is a teacher from the United States. She completed her CELTA certificate at International House in Barcelona where she thoroughly enjoyed learning teaching techniques from top professionals in English Education. Kathryn has worked with young children for many years; first as a summer camp manager and then as an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan. Her teaching style is well-structured and enthusiastic, and she loves watching her students achieve their personal goals. She firmly believes that making mistakes is essential to language learning. She really appreciates the relaxed classroom environment and the excellent teacher support at Tea or Coffee.


Aimee is from a town near Liverpool and is new to Barcelona. She studied Graphic Design at University and is new to teaching English as a foreign language. She completed a TEFL certification in 2019, before moving to Barcelona. Aimee tries to make her lessons as fun and as engaging as possible so students are excited about learning English. Her creative background means she has a different approach to teaching and tries to make students think creatively while in her lessons. She is excited about building positive relationships with her students and watching them progress.


Gabby is new to Tea or Coffee and Barcelona too. She grew up in the USA surrounded by a family of English teachers, got a degree in Education and has taught for many years in schools and universities. She was working on an international cruise ship as an entertainer, activities host and kids club monitor. when she fell in love with Barcelona and decided to move here. Her journey began by getting her CELTA at Oxford House and she has been teaching in Barcelona ever since. She loves engaging her students with dynamic classes on interesting and contemporary topics.


Georgina is from a small town near London and recently moved to Barcelona. After studying French and Italian at university, she travelled to some exotic places before doing a CELTA in Brighton, England. She then moved to Granada to begin her teaching career and to learn Spanish. She is now really happy to have found a school that encompasses a relaxed, but engaging approach to teaching, as she believes that speaking and communication is key when it comes to learning a language. She always strives to build a strong and happy rapport with her students.


Drew grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and studied politics before getting his CELTA certification and moving to Barcelona three years ago. Since then he has taught a variety of ages and levels. He is a big believer in the importance of cultural exchange and the use of expressions and slang to deepen understanding of a given language. He also knows that if you enjoy learning something you remember it, and so enjoys building a strong rapport with students and using fun activities which bring out their creativity. 


Dominique is a proud Scot, born and raised in Glasgow. Over the past two years, she has completed two TEFL courses and has experience teaching English in schools, academies and privately. Dominique likes to make her classes fun, creative and memorable for her students. She loves to watch her students improve and thrive and is looking forward to her exciting journey with Tea or Coffee!


Emma was born and raised in Cork, Ireland. She studied Marketing and Spanish at university, spending a year abroad in Tarragona, as a part of the European Erasmus program. When she’s not lesson planning and teaching, you will find her exploring Barcelona, hiking with friends at the weekend or trying to find a decent live music venue in the city. 

Emma has been teaching English as a second language since 2012 and loves to make her classes as engaging as possible for her students. She believes empathy in the classroom can go a long way - feeling understood and supported is especially important for students.


Catriona is from Scotland but has been living in Barcelona for four years. After studying Spanish at university in Edinburgh and spending time as an au pair and language assistant in Valencia, she decided to move back to Spain to continue working on her language skills and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. She is a professional translator but has recently discovered her passion for teaching. Catriona is excited to join the Tea or Coffee team and looks forward to meeting her students and being part of their language learning experience.  


Adriana is originally from a small town in Northern California. She’s new at Tea or Coffee, but she started teaching English over 10 years ago when she finished her MA and moved to Barcelona in 2005. She loves seeing the twinkle in her students’ eyes when they’ve realized how much they’ve improved and the confidence they’ve gained. She also has a passion for learning new games, activities and teaching styles and techniques. She has a lot of experience in creating her own materials and adapting herself to various ages and levels. And she’s always up for a new challenge and adventure.  


Morgan is from a small town close to London. She spent many years training in different Arts institutions in the UK and studied her degree as part of The Conservatoire of Dance & Drama. Her passion for learning languages led her to move to Galicia in 2018, teaching in Primary & Secondary Schools. Morgan has taught English and Arts-based activities as well as Creative Dance. She has a creative & imaginative approach to teaching and believes in creating a dynamic and engaging environment. Her biggest goal is helping her students find a genuine passion and interest in learning.


Nacido en Badalona e instalado en el barrio de El Coll desde hace unos años, encontrarás a Jordi en la recepción de Tea or Coffee dispuesto a ayudarte en todo lo que necesites. Empezó su carrera en el mundo de la moda y el visual merchandising, con su propia tienda en el barrio de Gràcia. Hace unos meses cambió de rumbo y empezó a estudiar Educación Infantil. Disfruta trabajando en un ambiente dinámico y en el que las personas son siempre lo más importante.