First Certificate Exam Preparation (16 – 22 years old)

07/03/2014  |  exams

A course Specially designed for young adults between  16 and 22 years old

An official certificate in English is essential for students who want a higher education or better job opportunities.

The course consists of themes and topics that motivate and keep young students interested and engaged

The group maximum is 8 students, so personal attention is guaranteed.

50% of the course is based on speaking, so not only will students be official, they’ll be speaking English!

Mock exams are done throughout the year so teachers can focus on areas where the student needs

Get official in English now!



2 days a week   –  1 trimester – 22 classes –  33 hours  -  365€


Mondays and Wednesdays 19:00-20:30

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93 368 1866